at his saxophone

Roy Chacon / Amazing Grace / Saxaphone

Amazing Grace has been played by almost everyone over time. I stumbled over Roy Chacon one day while channel surfing. He plays the sax beautifully and he certainly has a humble heart. Roy, a Native American does preach once in a while yet you appreciate hearing what he has to say. By featuring Roy here I do not infere that I accept al that is expressed within the religious organization.

Roy Chacon is an outstanding saxophonist and recording artist. Hear the story of a life of sin, darkness and despair transformed by God's amazing grace. Roy ministers in crusades, conferences and churches, and on television and radio. Roy and his his wife, Beulah, effectively present Christ all around the world.

A Miracle of Grace, is the greatest mircale of all! And most definitely, Roy and Beulah Chacon fall into the category of grace. Their testimony, not unlike the testimonies of millions of others, but yet unique in its own way, is a blessing of unprecedented proportions. No doubt, as you hear their testimony, you will hear a part of your own testimony. Above all, the Lord Jesus Christ, to Whom all Glory belongs, is never more glorified than in Miracles of Grace. The Ministry of both Roy and Beulah touches the lives of millions through both testimony and music. It is an unbeatable combination. Prepare to be blessed.

OH, BTW / Please feel free to share your special, gifted, and talented individual who you enjoy hearing.
I never get tired hearing beautiful music. Thanks / CRE
PS >> I enjoy the Gaither Family Group simply for their generic songs which everyone enjoys hearing.

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